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Throughout the world, there are thousands of national and
international organizations. Among them are a host of religious,
political, commercial, and social organizations with varying
characteristics and objectives. Their memberships, large and small,
are organized according to human viewpoints and philosophies.
But there is one organization that is outstandingly different from
all the rest. God’s Word along with abundant well-documented
evidence clearly identifies that organization as none other than
Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Happily, as one of Jehovah’s dedicated, baptized Witnesses,
you are now associated with Jehovah’s organization. Having
proved to yourself what God’s will is, you are now doing it. (Ps.
143:10; Rom. 12:2) You are an active minister serving with a
loving, worldwide association of brothers. (2 Cor. 6:4; 1 Pet. 2:17;
5:9) As Jesus promised, this brings you rich blessings in this period
of time. (Prov. 10:22; Mark 10: 30) By faithfully and unitedly
doing Jehovah’s will, you are being prepared for a lasting, glorious
future.—1 Tim. 6:18,19; 1 John 2:17.

How faith strengthening and beneficial it is that our Grand
Creator has a unique and wonderful worldwide organization that is
theocratic! This means that it is ruled by Jehovah as Head over all.
We have complete confidence in him. He is our Judge, Lawgiver,
and eternal King. (Isa. 33:22) Being a God of order, he has
coordinated arrangements for our working harmoniously with him
in serving the divine purpose.—2 Cor. 6:1, 2.

As the end of the present system of things draws ever nearer,
we move ahead loyally and obediently under the leadership of our
appointed Commander and Messianic King, Christ Jesus. (Isa.
55:4; Rev. 6:2; 11:15) It was none other than Jesus who foretold
that his followers would do works greater than those he
accomplished during his earthly ministry of Kingdom preaching
and disciple making. (John 14: 12) That would be so because over
a longer period of time and in increasing numbers, Jesus’ followers
would cover a widening territory. They would proclaim the
Kingdom good news to the extremities of the earth and make
disciples of people of all the nations.—Matt. 24:14; 28:19, 20;
Acts 1:8.

This has already proved to be a reality, as has been
progressively documented in Yearbooks of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
However, as Jesus clearly stated, the activity of declaring the good
news of divine judgment will end at Jehovah’s appointed time. All
indications of God’s prophetic Word point to Jehovah’s great and
fear-inspiring day as having drawn close.—Zeph. 1: 14-18; 2:2, 3;
1 Pet. 4:7.

Perceiving what the will of Jehovah is at this late hour, his
organization is imbued with a sense of urgency. There is a need to
intensify our efforts in doing what God requires. This calls for us
to become well acquainted with the way God’s organization
functions and to cooperate fully with it. The operation of the
organization is based on Scriptural principles, including the
commandments, laws, orders, regulations, and teachings set out in
God’s inspired Word.—Ps. 19:7-9.

By observing and adhering to such Bible-based direction, all
of Jehovah’s people dwell and work together in peace and unity.
(Ps. 133:1; Isa. 60:17;
Organized to Do Jehovah’s Will Page 7
Rom. 14:19) What strengthens bonds among our brothers
everywhere? It is the fact that we are motivated by and clothed
with love. (John 13:34, 35; Col. 3:14) In this divinely favored way,
we keep pace with the heavenly part of Jehovah’s organization.

If you would like this book in pdf form email me at al0102030405@hotmail dot com

Jehovah's Witnesses Are:

A multinational corporation under the guise of a religious organization. The Watchtower Society is a multibillion dollar corporation, printing literature is there business, the Kingdom Halls or congregations buy it, then distribute it, freely, or for donations.

Now this is all in a nutshell of course, but it is their business model, and a damn good one, brilliant actually.

If you were to say this to any witness they'd be aghast......"we are the "truth"!", " The only "true" religion!"......uh....yeah.....ok.

Like I said, a brilliant business model.

Go to any Kingdom hall meeting and see for yourself, it feels like a business meeting in the guise of a religious meeting, seriously, these people have been conned in the worst way.

Jehovah's Witnesses have a reputation for really knowing their Bibles....I don't know why, I've never met one that did, not even their own twisted version of the Bible, The New World Translation.

They know Watchtower literature pretty darn good, but not much about the Bible, even their own, they just know the parts they are trained to answer with, that's it.

So I don't know where they got their rep for knowing their Bibles, I suspect they propagated that lie themselves, or were actually trained to by the great Watchtower Propaganda Machine.....which is what it is when you use your brain, plus the Bible to see that they preach crap.

Their whole organization, and their training in Bible studies, are to imprison you...with twisted scripture they an organization that serves the big corporation....the Watchtower Society. They are too afraid to leave, even those who do not agree with a lot of the crap the Watchtower promotes, why, they will die in Armageddon. first they will be disfellowshipped of course, and all their friends and family in the organization will ditch them, then they will die in Armageddon. Spare me.

You to can waste your life, and the lives of your family, propagating a bunch of crap to get more recruits to dole out literature.

I come from a long line of witnesses, nice people, but lost in space. My biological father is an Elder, my Grandfather was an Elder....and on it goes. I have never been a witness, though I was subjected to the weekly corporate meetings wearing a suit as a child.

My biological father and I have had many an elder you would think he'd fare well against an apostate such as myself.....sadly no....he doesn't know anything about the Bible, none of them do, yet they'll debate and debate, losing every time, and walking away feeling the winner. That's some damn good brain washing going on there, I gotta admire the Watchtower Corporation, they train their people well.

They deny the deity of Christ, yet the Bible does not, even their own does not. They've been taught to hopscotch around and really favor revelation of course, they love the doom and gloom of it, the end so near, keeps them peddling that literature as fast as they can, since the mid late 1800's. This train of thinking also keeps them in line for the Watchtower Corporation to control. After all, they don't want to die in Armageddon.....keep pumping out that propaganda literature folks.

My weekends are mine thanks, I'll not waste them doing slave labor for the Watchtower Corporation.

I don't know where in the Bible it says to go out and annoy the hell out of people by banging on their doors at inconvenient times with a doom and gloom message. Jesus was pretty clear, it's all about love, love each other, don't go making pests of yourselves.

Oh, by the way, they've now taken to the phones too, they were cold calling people on the phones about the memorial just recently......sigh......the Watchtower Corporation is really stepping things up. I think the advent of the Internet has really hurt their pocket books, with all that info out there floating around on the origins of the witnesses.....damn. So many people now enlightened to all their crap propaganda, bout time.

Their bad predictions aside.....I think their literature speaks for itself......they blend a lot of truth with just enough crap to suck in the uneducated lonely soul.

Witnesses are trained so well in the art of bullshit, they have no clue they are bullshitting, seriously, listen to them when they get together, non stop bullshit. Example:

"I know a brother who knows another sisters brothers mother, well anyway, there was some demonizm going on in their house, some knick knack I think, she bought it at a yard sale.....anyway, it was demonized and all kinds of stuff was going on, slamming doors, shadows, taps turning on....anyway, some brothers came over and prayed, and it all went away....she burned that knick knack too, thank Jehovah. She's now a witness."

Sometimes I think the demons are the most feared in this superstitious organization, I've actually heard crap like this. they also love to talk about the end, they love big catastrophes...."oh my.....the end is right around the corner" "These are the last days".
The Watchtower Corporation goes into high gear when a major catastrophe happens of course. Printing yet more crap, keeping their sales people in line.

Witnesses will always say they don't sell their literature, which they don't, but they do buy it, and will take donations for it. These people are actually victimized. They give money to the Kingdom Hall, the Kingdom hall buys literature, the congregation hands it out, gets a few donations, but in the end they are the ones out the money for literature.The Watchtower Corporation makes their money off the congregations, that's why they want lots of witnesses, so they can have lots of congregations, and sell lots of literature full of crap to those congregations and make more money. (They actually don't buy the literature any longer, they donate for it, tax stuff)

The Watchtower Corporation loves to point to the Vatican and all the money they have......but the Vatican gives a lot to their catholic Charities and the poor. The watchtower Corporation gives nothing to even their own people....they just take and take.

I'm also going to be posting chapters from the hand book "Organised to do Jehovah's Will", please read it and see the crap in it, they sure know how to use scripture to whip those witnesses into shape.

Actually, Jehovah isn't even God's name, that name came about in midevil times, but the ole JW's will argue it and argue it, even though they are the most uneducated folks of any religion I've ever encountered. No pursueing higher education folks....get those kids out of school and pushing literature.

Search online, a number of real greek scholars have written articles on why Jehovah isn't even the name of God. Yes the witnesses will speak like they know, they will cite all kinds of watchtower literature, they won't say their quoting WT literature of course, but they are, and it's crap. There are and never were any greek scholars in the Watchtower Society, their bible was translated using a dictionary, a lot of bias, and some old guys who though they knew what they were doing. That's it in a nutshell, but that's basically the way it happened, and the info is all out there for those who search. And it's written by real educated people.

You can't really argue the origins of the witnesses with them, they have no clue about their real origins or all the crap, they aren't supposed to delve into it....jee, i wonder why..... no independent thinking. Independent thinking was invented by the devil, he was the first independent thinker.....I can't make this shit up, it's in their literiture.